Andrea Schneider

With her flair for figures and many years of experience in the management of rental properties and condominiums, she is a valuable addition to the entire team.

When she is not making her rounds in our office, Andre Schneider can be found travelling or in the concert halls of Switzerland. Her flair for music and cultures is just as pronounced as her expertise in real estate.

Melanie Widler

Extra power for the care of our customers.
With her experience as a team leader, she not only cares about our working atmosphere.
Her focus is on the well-being of our customers. With a lot of commitment and comprehensive know-how, she answers our customers' questions and takes care of their concerns.

After the last customer appointment, she goes out into nature. She relaxes by jogging through the forest, jumping into the cold water or reading an exciting true-crime novel.

Stefan Gisler

Our customers properties are kept in optimal condition thanks to his craftsmanship. Electricity, timber construction or conversion - his support ensures that the properties are in the best condition.

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